Check and improve the competitiveness of industrial sites with benchmarks readily at your fingertips.

How do you know you're competitive?

Managers at industrial and infrastructure sites need to know whether their cost structure is competitive compared to that of other sites.This applies to all on-site management services and infrastructure services that are vital to keeping production performance at top level.

To enable adequate comparison they need benchmarks from those other sites, which aren't readily available.

They must either organise benchmarking within their peer group - which takes time and is costly or they can call a few of their colleagues  
to collect benchmarks - which may not be representative.

This is were WeBench comes in! Check out here how we can help you enable competitiveness.

How does WeBench work?

Using WeBench is easy:
4 steps to comprehensive benchmarking results!

What is WeBench's scope
of on-site services today?

WeBench considers approx. 100 services and 120 KPIs


Benchmarks only?

Subscription to WeBench not only gives you 24/7 access to all-time-up-to-date benchmarks from big industrial and infrastructure sites but makes you part of a growing community of leading site managers. The full subscription scheme therefore includes - regular e-mail notice of updates once new sites have uploaded or updated their data - a comprehensive annual report of benchmarks for services in scope - invitation to participate in the annual WeBench Meeting with options to add new services, new KPI or to address new  benchmark issues e.g. sustainability - Site Future Dialogue annual or on demand to discuss

Additional Features


Add new services or KPI's to the WeBench service directory

Interested in benchmarking services that are not in the WeBench service directory, yet? Let us know and propose additional services or KPI. WeBench will collect theses proposals and will update the WeBench-Service directory at least once a year as part of the annual meeting.


Create new service directories

Want to apply WeBench to other industry sectors ? Need to compare KPI for more core- and non-core processes? Get in touch with us and find out what else WeBench can to to enable competitiveness at your site.


Have an individual benchmarking for the sites of your company

Want to check the competitiveness of your sites without letting know third party outside? Check-us out for specific and  tailor-made WeBench applications for your  company only.


Benchmarking for Associations

Representing an industry association and looking for value-add-service to your members? Ask for a proposal and we will offer a WeBench or White label solution.

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Regional Applications

Being responsible for economy of e  specific region? Ask for more information how check and improve competitiveness of sites within your area of responsibility.


Interact with your peers about benchmarks and means to improve competitiveness immediately

Having questions regarding benchmark results or a need for immediate answers to cost and cost improvement of specific services? You will soon be able to address these issues directly to your peer group at WeBench via WeBench community and communication channels!

What do our customers say?

Dr. Gnad-Badouin, Boehringer
We requested a couple of consultants to do this benchmarking but they did not offer a proper solution. We requested several companies to join the benchmarking but only few were capable to provide data by start of benchmarking. Thus we are happy with WeBench because we have an independent platform to exchange data and experience and we can grow the number of participants and thus quality and validity of data.
Morten Krabbes, Bayer
We have participated in several benchmarking projects. Usually it takes weeks or months to receive results. And it is a lot of effort to handle data via excel sheets. With WeBench it took us 10 days from closing the contract until we received valid benchmarking results. This is unique in the market.

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